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Know About Body Language and How To Improve It

Whether you are going to your first job interview or you are usually nervous about interviewing, make sure that your body language does not eliminate your fear, Be aware of these common body language tips that can help improve body language through your interview process.

Control of Your Posture Most Vital Part of Body Language:

(Body Language Tips 1): As you enter the venue for your interview, make a conscious effort in good posture. Stretch your back, talk long strides, do not poke your shoulders, and keep your head high. When you enter with confidence, the chances of you will provide with confidence and quit.

A Warm Smile and Make Eye Contact for Improve Body Language:

(Body Language Tips 2): Keep the person’s attention and present a beautiful personality. Practice your smile before. You do not want to force a smile. Your smile and non-vague eyesight that will make your audience comfortable in discussions and interactions.

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Always alert in Interview:

(Body Language Tips 3): Do not slug or tuck around your body. Sit in a steep posture with your chest open and adjoining the back of your spine chair. “But do not take this extreme.” Throwing your legs or throwing your arm behind the chair can make you appear very comfortable, even proud.


Firm Handshake:

(Tips 4): There is a strong firm when you are shaking hands, and do not let the fingers slide away; At the same time, this is not an arm wrestling match – you do not have to be a violent firmness. Practice your flock in advance with a friend or relative what seems right.

Monitor your surroundings:

(Tips 5): Do not follow the employer or your interview in the dark in the interview room. Look around if you are a man, contact the eyes, confuse a little and acknowledge their presence, break into a small smile or say hello. You never know that person may be your future colleague, director, or next interviewer. While waiting for the reception, you will not want to be too spontaneous and selfish among the people around you. Many managers check with your conduct and reception staff about interaction with them.

Make Yourself Comfortable for Better Body Language:

(Tips 6): Get acquainted with the reception area to get the idea of ​​the office environment. If you need something in your hands to keep your eyes focused, consider using a pen. If needed, you can use the pen to take notes during negotiation, so keep the pad easily. Do not be too upset or play with a pen, otherwise, you will confuse your interview, your answer will take its focus.


Most Important Things of Body Language is Leave Your Points:

(Tips 7): Do not go instantly fast, but do not sit in your chair even after the interview is completed after the interview. Get up with your interview and get your subscription carefully, without any time, while gathering yourself. Even if you drop some things, compose. If you are comfortable – if you are comfortable, make a joke to make the situation easier. Interviews are holding the door for you, thank them. If you go out for the first time, keep the door open for the interview (if they leave it too). You do not want to turn around your nose!

Activity for Improve Yourself:

  • Engage student to sit & stand in different positions to make them understand the utility of gesture, posture & body language.

Written By Sayan Dey

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